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Questions I Ask the Holy Spirit

The Bible is full of the good good news. Like that I am loved and accepted and qualified and never alone. But sometimes I fill my head with the truth and I know it is true and yet it doesn’t feel true. It seems to have gotten stuck somewhere in my neck as it was trying to move from my head to my heart.

And if it got stuck on something inside of me, the God who wrote that Bible knows exactly what the problem is, where it is located, and how to point it out and fix it. After all, He does live inside me.

So I want to share a tool God has used to heal my heart.

This tool is a set of questions to ask God Himself. I do this either by speaking the questions aloud, writing them in my prayer journal, or just thinking them in a silent prayer to Him. I have done it both alone by myself and in the company of a trusted person praying with me. After I ask the question, I wait. I trust Him to answer by bringing His thoughts to my mind. And He really does answer. (Although if I don’t like the answer or don’t initially understand it, it can be tempting to dismiss it as a random thought. It’s usually not.)

But I don’t have to be afraid of what He will show me. Firstly, because Jesus is really, really nice. And so is His Father, and so is His Spirit. And secondly, because He has given me superpowers to deal with whatever we find in my heart. As I wrote in The Story of the Forgiven Forgiveness Force, we have all been given two superpowers in Christ: forgiveness, to respond to other people’s sins, and repentance, to respond to our own sins. Those superpowers cut through chains in the time it takes to say “Lord, I repent” and “Lord I forgive.”

And guess what? When He reveals the problem (like the lie I’m believing or the person I need to forgive) and I respond, that truth that felt “stuck” slides right down from my head into my heart and starts to feel like the truth that it is.

Which feels like a hug from God.

And that whole process probably took less than thirty seconds. He’s a powerful God.



Questions I ask the Holy Spirit:

Lord, is there a lie I am believing about You/myself?

Where did I learn this lie?

Is there anyone I need to forgive?

Is there anything I need to forgive myself for?

What is the truth?


As I go, I respond to whatever He shows me with repentance and forgiveness as needed (if possible, I say these out loud):

Jesus, I repent of____

I forgive____ for ____  

I forgive myself ____ for ____

I renounce the lie that ____

I embrace the truth that ____


(Note: I first learned these from Katie Luse of ConnectUp Ministries)

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