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The Baby Said to Its Mother…


An analogy

For all who have found

They know God so Incompletely

Yet are loved by Him so Completely.



The Baby said to its Mother,


Who are you?

What are you?

What are you like?


I have known the crook of your arm as my pillow.

Is that what you are? Are you Pillow?

Is that what your arm is?

Is that what your arm is for?


I have experienced your knees as Bed, beneath me as I nurse.

Is that who you are?

Are you my Bed?

Is that what your knees are for?


I have felt your arms as Seat Belt, the only thing that keeps me from falling.

They are my Transport.

I have never yet moved from anywhere to anywhere except by your arms.

Is that what you are? Is that what your arms are for?

Are you Arms?


I have felt your legs far beneath me as you hold me in your arms.

They sway me like a swing.

Are you a Swing?

Is that what your legs are for?


Your fingers tickle my tummy like butterflies.

Are you Fingers?

Are you Butterflies?


I have tasted the milk from your breast.

It was the most wonderful experience of my life so far.

Is that who you are?

Is that what you are like?

Are you Milk?


Or maybe you are Song.

There is that faraway part of you so high above me, from which the singing comes.

I lay on your lap and I face your breast and from far above me, I hear the singing.

Are you a Music Box?


And then sometimes that way-up-high part of you comes sweeping down to kiss me.

I feel you kiss my head, my toes, my face, my tummy.

And then up it goes again, so high out of reach.

Are you Kisses?

Are you Face?

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