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“I Love That Girl,” Said God (song with audio)

This is one of my very first songs, from when I was 18 years old, a freshman in college, and had a broken heart. I wrote what I believed God would say about me, and played it over and over again in my healing. Since then I’ve gotten to sing and play the Father’s Heart in this song over other broken people too.



I love her when I’m singing

A song she cannot hear

I love her when she can’t believe

That I could hold her dear

I love her when I touch her and

She runs away in fear

I love her when she thinks I’m gone

And when she knows I’m near.


I loved her when she loved Me

And I loved her when she couldn’t

I loved her when she trusted Me

I loved her when she wouldn’t!

I loved her when I planned the world

And all that I would do

I loved her long before the dawn,

Before she ever knew.


I’ll love her when I wound her

And when I make her whole

I’ll love her into loving Me

With all her heart and soul.

I’ll love her in the blackest night

For no reason but grace.

I’ll change her for eternity

The day she sees My face.


For I loved her in My living

And I loved her to My death

I love her right now just as much

I’ll never love her less!

I love her when she smiles at Me

And still, when she forgets

I’ll forgive her in My love

And wipe out her regrets.


So tell her that I love her

When she’s trembling like a leaf

Tell her to remember

When she’s crying out in grief

That when My daughter’s crying

And she thinks that I don’t see

There’s nothing in the universe

I hold closer to Me.


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