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3 Ways To Hear God In this Moment

Lord, what are the “keys” or “switches” that I use to instantly get Your perspective, see and tune in to You in my daily life?

That was another great question we asked the Lord Jesus in our “Spirit Life Circle” listening prayer and journaling small group: This is what I journaled as I listened to Him (I added the numbered headings later).

“You are really good at this. You do it all day long, every day, many times a day. You have developed many techniques for doing it that you do without thinking, they come so naturally to you.

1) Look for the last picture you saw

First, you look for the last vision you saw and pick up where we left off, as John did in Revelation when I gave him the picture of Jesus knocking at the door and so then he looked and saw a door open in heaven (Revelation 3:20-4:2). He wanted to see more so he looked for where the last vision had left off, and the next one began in a new way, switching the picture from Me coming to knock on John’s door to Me opening My own door to My heavenly home and inviting him to come up and visit Me and see My perspective on time and eternity! That is a very powerful thing to do and you can use this Scripture to teach it to your spiritual children. You did it this morning lying in your bed; the last thing you saw last night was your angel comforting you as you fell asleep, and so then you looked for your angel and she was still there but she had something new to talk to you about, and that was good. This is the primary key or switch that you use.

2) Imagine journaling when you can’t actually journal

Another thing you try when you are distressed or out in public and need to hear from Me quickly is to imagine that you are journaling and think, ‘if I was writing the Holy Spirit’s flow right now, what would I be writing?’ Just the act of picturing writing it calms you down and focuses you to where you can hear what I am saying, even if you can’t actually sit down and get out a pen and paper and write, or you only have a few seconds to hear from Me. Since you have started doing this, we have developed many sweet variations. Sometimes you look and see My giant finger writing across the sky like a jet plane making letters of clouds. You see “I LOVE YOU! I AM PROUD OF YOU! YOU ARE SAFE!” written in huge letters across the sky and you smile and are at peace, your peace restored. Other times you imagine texting Me on your phone and I send you text answers and emojis. “I forgave you. It’s OK. I don’t remember your sin anymore,” winking emoji face. Other times you just lean back into My hug and know that I am there and you can feel Me because you believe.

3) Be still

All of these are strategies that you can use to teach and help others. But the most important thing is just to be still. Remember the verses in Isaiah 57:19-21 Peace, peace, to those far and near,” says the Lord. “And I will heal them.” But the wicked are like the tossing sea, which cannot rest, whose waves cast up mire and mud. “There is no peace,” says my God, “for the wicked.” I speak peace, and I want to heal you. But if you respond by tossing and casting up mud and mire, you cannot receive My peace. If you answer every peaceful thought I send you with more ‘casting mud and mire’ by condemning yourself and arguing with Me and doubting that you can hear Me and worrying about the future and refusing to be still, you are being ‘wicked’ and you cannot receive My peace. So be still.”

It is so true! These are the things that I instinctively do throughout the day to keep dialoging with Jesus, though I had never so clearly identified them and put them into words before. I hope you find them helpful in your own journey.

What about you? How do you reach out to Him throughout your day? What “switches” help you hear His voice and get His perspective? And what would He say if you asked Him that question?