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I Will Laugh Someday (song with audio)

These words and tune came to me in one of the most painful seasons of my life. They were a song of sheer defiant praise, or the sheer defiant hope of future praise: if I can’t praise Him now, I can believe that someday I will. I sang them over, and over, and over again, and they created enough space in the pain to keep breathing. When I discovered that one of my dearest friends was experiencing grief and loss at the same time as me, I taught her my song. She later told me that she would park her car outside her workplace, sit in it and sing these words over and over and over until she could face the day. May they be a weapon in the hands of all who mourn.



I will laugh someday

At the pain of this moment!

I will clap my hands,

And smile at You, Jesus.


I’ll say You did a great job

Keeping Your promise

To work all things out

Together for my good!


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