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If I Took Down the Stars (song with audio)

This song is based on a dream. I dreamed I was sitting with Jesus in a worship service that was more like a planetarium show. As we sang, pictures were shown on the screen: first pictures of our nation, then our planet, then our solar system, then our galaxy, and then the other galaxies, so that I began to feel smaller and smaller. Jesus had His arm around me and as we saw galaxy after galaxy, He kept whispering in my ear excitedly, “I know that one! I know that one!” I was afraid that if He was big enough to know all these galaxies, He would be too big to hold me anymore! At last, I cried out “How can You hold me in Your arms when You hold so much? How can I be so important to You when You have so much? I am too small!” He answered, “It isn’t a matter of how big or small you are, but of My covenant with you and how much I paid for you. If I could have traded in a few or even all of My galaxies to save you instead of spending nine hours on a cross cut off from My Father, don’t you think I would have done it? But I couldn’t, and so for you I paid Myself.”



Do you know how far

–Not to the nearest star

But to the farthest ledge

At creation’s edge?

How many light years go

From everything you know

To the place where only God has been?


Well, that’s how much I love you

That and even more…



Because if I took down the stars

And paid them for your life

That would be less

And I paid more.

If I gave My galaxies

To make My bride My wife

That would be less

And I gave more.


Can you imagine earth

Under darkened skies

Because I gave the stars

To save the bride?

Well, this world where you feel small

Beneath a trillion lights

Is a world where I loved you more

A world where I came down to love you more…



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