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There is No Haste, or The Patience Song (with audio)

For a certain season, this was the theme song of my relationship with God. It was a season I had set apart to seek Him and get to know Him better before I launched out into all the things I wanted to do with my life. He was slowing me down and I felt like He said to me, “Now I am going to give you the gift that I have always wanted to give you but that you have never been able to receive from me until now: the gift of Enough Time, as much time as you really need.” It was a hard and humbling gift to receive, to admit I needed it and take it. But I will never regret that season. It changed my life for the better forever. And whenever I struggled and wanted to rush ahead of Him, He would quiet me through the singing of this song.



There is no haste

There is no rush

Your cross has purchased

Time for us


And as I gaze

Into Your eyes

My longing heart

Is satisfied


And as I gaze

Into Your face

My fears are quieted

By grace

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