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Without You, or King David’s Song (with audio)



Without You

I’d still be feeding sheep on a hillside

And snatching sleep between songs I’d

Write with no one to write to

Without You


Without You

I’d be crushed by a man three times my size

Dead in the dust for a fool’s pride

To fight giants with sticks and with stones

On my own


Without You

I’d be pinned to a wall with a spear fling

By an irrational, jealous king

Who’d have stabbed his page boy through

Without You


Without You

My blood would sink down into the sand

And the stones of a desert where I can’t

Hide here forever, I know,

On my own


Without You

Even if I could do something

Even if I had become king

What would it all amount to

Without You?


Without You

I’d be an old man out on the run

Dead at the hand of his own son,

A king who’d failed and lost his throne

On his own


Without You

My sons would have all died for my sin

And none of us would rise up again

The promise could never come true

Without You


Without You

To come be the King I could not be

And sing all the songs You wrote through me

And put Your own Son on my throne

I’d be on my own


Without You

To die for Your sheep on a hillside

And fall into sleep gasping songs I’d

Not known that I wrote for You

What could I do?


Let the world see

That the life that I lived was You in me

And every day proves that You must be

Here, for it could not be true

Without You

Without You

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