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Day 16: Playing the Comparison Game Makes God Feel Lonely and Left Out

Lord Jesus, what do You want to say to me about the way You love Yourself and the way You want me to love myself?

I loved taking care of you in the dentist’s chair today. When you were crying out to Me to help you get through it, I wasn’t comparing you to persecuted Christians being tortured and thinking “You should be braver and not need reassurance when you know the kind dentist is just trying to help you and not torture you!” Those were your thoughts, not Mine. I loved helping you be brave right where you are, right as you are, and I loved that you needed Me to do it. I never compare you to anyone. I just love YOU.

Sometimes I get lonely when you compare yourself to other people and I don’t. You’re playing a game I don’t play, and I feel left out. I wish you would stop it and come play with Me a game that we both like and enjoy. I’m not willing to play the comparison game, but I really like playing with you.

I’m really enjoying this game that we’re playing right now. I really enjoy telling you what I think about you. If you agree with Me, you’re coming to play My game, and I enjoy that.

My favorite game is loving you just the way you are.


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