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Day 17: “I Love Your Feminine Courage”

Lord Jesus, what do You want to say to me about the way You love Yourself and the way You want me to love myself?

I love your feminine courage. For too long you have believed the lie, “If I was fearless, I would be___” fill in the blank, somebody else. But courage doesn’t look like being like somebody else. Courage doesn’t look like being like anyone besides yourself, because courage and bravery and fearlessness really are a part of you.

Courage is not a masculine quality and fear is not a feminine quality. Those are lies.

Courage is a quality of the New Humanity, the De-Corrupted Created in Christ Humanity, both male and female, and it comes in beautiful masculine and feminine flavors.

Fear is a result of the fall–fear of anything besides Me, that is. Adam and Eve weren’t created with any fear but the good fear of Me. The rest of it came from listening to the serpent and the results thereof.

The reason that fear is not part of who you really are is that is not a part of either your creation or your redemption–the two works of God that make you you–but only of the fall, which is the part that isn’t the real you. And Jesus came to eradicate it because I don’t deserve to have things I did not invent, like sin, existing as part of My creation!

And so fear is not a part of femininity. I created femininity. It is part of the first unfallen creation–in fact, it was the crown of it. I created femininity and called it good. Fear was not part of it. Fear came later. I didn’t create fear and I didn’t call it good. You are Fearless Love, by creation and redemption. You are being restored to your true identity, who you really are.

There are many flavors of courage, both masculine and feminine, in the Bible. In the Old Testament, courage tended to look like fighting wars and giving birth to babies, although there were other variations too, like sitting in lions’ dens all night. In the New Covenant, courage tends to look like fighting spiritual wars and giving birth to spiritual babies. The courageous women who have gone before you in My kingdom have fought many spiritual wars and given birth to many spiritual babies, and so will you.

There is a beautiful feminine courage that looks like Mary carrying Me in her womb, no matter what anybody thought. You have that kind too: receiving from God what He wants to give you, whether or not society approves, and carrying it to the world no matter what anybody does or thinks or says.

That beautiful feminine courage also looks like the other Mary breaking her jar at My feet though the whole world–and even the disciples–disapprove. Responding to Me in Fearless Love. That is who you are, just as she was: Fearless Love at My feet. It is a beautiful, feminine name.

I love you. You are not a fearful person; you are Fearless Love, and I want you to tell yourself so every day when you affirm yourself as I commanded you. Everything will be OK. I promise.

Now in the strength of that courage, come follow Me. Everything will be OK, I promise.

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