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Day 26: On Beauty

Lord Jesus, what do You want to say to me about the way You love Yourself and the way You want me to love myself?

My Darling, I want to tell you how I see you and how beautiful you are. I want to replace your thoughts with My thoughts. Whenever you look in a mirror again for the rest of your life, I want you to ask for My eyes. My thoughts are as much higher than yours as the sky is above the earth, so don’t think your thoughts but ask for Mine, for My perspective. Whenever you are introspective and look at your heart and soul too, I want you to ask for My eyes. Physically and emotionally/spiritually. I want to give you My thoughts.

My precious one, you are a physical and spiritual being. Physically, you are on body number one of two that I am going to give you. Spiritually, you are on the only spirit you will ever have. Your first body is delightful and lovely, and it is good when you take care of it. But it is the least important part of you, because it will end and then you will get a new ‘resurrection body’ but have the same spirit. That is why I want you to be willing for that first body to suffer and even die for Me if needed to save other people’s souls. It is the most expendable part of you.

I know that many people in the modern world believe that that first physical body is all you have and all you’ll ever get, that you have neither an immortal spirit nor a resurrection body coming, but that is not true. I am asking you to live by faith that what I have said is true, that you have both. And so the cultivation of your spirit and the investment in the resurrection and eternal rewards are of infinitely greater importance than what happens to your body now.

That is the way Jesus lived. Jesus was willing for His first physical body to be crucified, utterly destroyed, because He knew He would be resurrected and have great reward in saving you. Jesus remains an immortal spirit with a resurrected and eternally beautiful and healthy body.

So just keep everything in perspective, OK? I made you to desire to unveil beauty, that is true, and you have much physical beauty to unveil, much more than your culture tells you that you do, but your spiritual beauty is SO much more important. Spiritual beauty is not a consolation prize for those who can’t have the “real thing”! It’s as if I gave you an ice cream cone and a diamond, and the ice cream cone will melt soon and be eaten soon, but the diamond is yours to keep forever. OK? That is the difference in worth and in temporality between physical and spiritual beauty.

And so, My sweet, when you invest in your spiritual beauty, by gazing at the beauty of Jesus and being transformed into His likeness, you make a good and right investment that you will not regret. And you have made that investment, all your life, and I am proud of you for that.

Darling, you may do whatever you wish with your body, just as you may do whatever you wish with your veil. You can dye your hair or gain or lose weight or wear different styles of clothes, just like you may wear different colors of veil. But don’t hate your body/your veil. And never believe the lie that you are not breathtaking.

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