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Get Out of the Way of the Parade!

Another question we asked in our Spirit Life Circle was,

Lord Jesus, what hopes do You have for me as a new creation?

This is the answer I recorded in my “two-way journaling.”

“Shhhhhh, My darling, My hopes are SO much bigger than yours. It is like you are a little girl and your hopes are that I will give you a piece of candy, a small piece of candy that you will finish in less than five minutes and ask for more. And My hopes are that you will grow up and go to college and change the world! And sometimes all you see is that I say ‘no’ to the candy and you cry because your hopes are dashed. But there has never been a single time I ever said no to you or disappointed you in your whole entire life that wasn’t because your hopes, requests, desires, and aspirations were Too Small! I have never said ‘no’ because what you asked for was Too Big, never, not one time. I only ever said no because you were asking for small pieces of candy when I wanted to give you a kingdom. And sometimes receiving the kingdom means no more small pieces of candy right before bed!

Now, you are My new creation. I have longed for a new creation many times. When Adam and Eve trashed My old one, I longed for a new creation. When the tower of Babel reached up towards the sky the way Satan had, trying to be the Most High instead of loving Me, I longed for a new creation. When the world was so defiled in the days of Noah that I regretted creating at all, I longed for a new creation so much that I almost did it. I wiped the old one away and started afresh with him. He was My picture of a new creation, starting over with the person who had been hidden in the ark the way you are hidden in Christ, taken through the water the way you undergo baptism, sending out the dove the way you are filled with the Holy Spirit, and taking the animals along too the way all of creation will be redeemed through your salvation. He was a picture of what I’m doing through you, My new creation. It is costlier to do it this way than it would have been to eradicate humanity, purge earth, and create a new universe. But I love Adam and Eve and their descendants too much for that. I decided to become one of them!

Now you want to get married or have a car or children or a career or a ministry and I want you to be the mother of a new race, like a new Eve, mothering disciples who make disciples who make disciples. You are Eve on the brink of starting a new race, Noah on the brink of starting a new race, a new world order, a new kingdom, a new family. A people defined by righteousness in their veins instead of sin and the curse. I am giving you what you always longed for: for your motherhood to reach and save the lost around you. Do not be afraid.

What I have for you to do is utterly feminine, utterly fruitful, and utterly glorious. It will change the world. You will not miss it. You know how you will get there. You will get there as you repent and obey, repent and obey, repent and obey. On each step, the next step of repentance and obedience will be revealed to you. Take it, and you will move forward, in dependence upon Me. Then you will teach your children to move forward by repenting and obeying as well, instead of by creating their own plans in their own strength. That doesn’t work. When you repent and obey, You get out of My way so My good plans can happen!

It’s like a huge parade is coming down the street and you’re standing in the middle of the road about to be trampled! You don’t have to do anything to make the parade of My plans come through, you just have to get out of the road! The only thing holding them back is that I love you and don’t want My toddler to be trampled, so I have halted the procession until your nanny can scoop you out of the street and scold you for running into the road in the first place and set you safely on the sidewalk to watch the show. And then the parade will start again and the candy will be thrown and the marching band and the floats will go by and there will even be elephants and all your dreams will come true.

You don’t have to motivate Me to bring the kingdom and bring revival and bring awakening, you just have to get out of the way. Repentance whenever needed is more powerful than intercession. You don’t have to beg Me to move. You just have to repent and get out of the way. Then you can join what I’m doing and be part of it. I am not sitting up here needing you to persuade Me to care about lost people (hello, I died for them, remember?), I only need you to get out of the way so I can move all My power into battle without harming you, OK? Ask Me how you can get out of the way and I will show you and You will see the move of God you long for in your day, I promise.”

I did ask Him that follow-up question, and He gave me my next action step for the season I was in on that journey He called “repent and obey.” Maybe you would like to ask Him some of these questions too:

Lord Jesus, what are Your hopes for me as a new creation?

What would You like to share with Me about what You are doing?

Is there any way in which I need to “get out of Your way”?

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