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Song for Simon The Pharisee

(Poem based on Luke 7:36-50)


If Simon knew what Jesus knew

And saw what Jesus sees,

He would have left his seat to join

The woman on her knees.


“Oh woe is me! I am undone!”

He’d cry, “For I was blind!

The One who sits at God’s right hand

Is sitting here at mine!


Oh get me down from here– down, down!

Oh take me to the floor!

This woman is ‘forgiven much’

But I’m forgiven more!


Do not fear me, my sister,

For I am just like you.

How can I sit with Him up here

When I’m a sinner too?


Yes woe is me! What have I done?

I nearly missed my chance!

For Abraham would give his stars

And David trade his dance


To live this hour in this room,

And be like you and I:

To see what you and I now see,

And touch Him, and not die!


So let me clasp His ankles too,

My tears and kisses fall;

My hair is not so long as yours,

But He shall have it all!


Come, be my guest, and worship here,

But make room for a brother

–You anoint one of His feet,

But let me have the other!”

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