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With God in an Elevator the Size of a Shower (or Fridge)

God gave me the mental picture of an elevator in one of the meetings of my listening prayer online small group (or “Spirit Life Circle“) that I wrote about last week. He never runs out of these pictures to give, does He?  This was my “two-way journaling“:

“My darling, remember, remember, remember the promises I have given you and the things I have spoken over you about who you are and what I AM going to do through you. That is why you are here. The reason you are sitting right now on this very mattress on this very floor is because you are stepping into your destiny. And you wonder what is the bridge between where you are now and where you are going, and you don’t see a way forward. But I have already provided the way forward. What you are experiencing right now as you obey Me in seemingly small ways in this season IS the way forward!

Now it seems like you are in a small space and you can’t see far ahead anymore. You don’t know what is happening or how long it will take. It is like being in an elevator. Because you are in the small space to get between a big wide space and an even better space. It is like the elevator you rode when you stayed with a family in an eighth-floor apartment. The elevator was so small that when you went in or out together it felt like being packed into a small shower or even a refrigerator with your friends. It was awkward and unpleasant if anyone had bad breath! But it didn’t last forever. It lasted for under a minute, and then the door opened and because you had been in the small space, you were in an entirely new place.

This season is like that for you. If you had ridden the elevator and thought you were going to live in it or stay in it, you would have totally freaked out. But because you knew that it was taking you from the wide outdoors to the spacious home, you loved it, were grateful for it, grinned at each other and laughed about it when you were smashed up against one another in it. I want you to keep that perspective of both the past and the future so that you can laugh and enjoy everything that is uncomfortable about this present season, where My focus seems so small.

The elevator of My discipline is taking you from Floor A to Floor B, from that wide open space where I was making you promises about your destiny and you could see far and wide to the place where those promises are actually fulfilled. In between receiving the promises and receiving the fulfillment of the promises comes riding the elevator. But it will help you if you remember the past and believe in the future. If you forget the past and doubt the future, as you are doing right now, the elevator will feel like a coffin to you. But if you thank Me for the past and pray with faith and praise and thanksgiving for the future, then the elevator will feel like an amusement park ride! If you really believe that THOSE promises are being fulfilled through THIS process, you will feel no negative emotions at all! It is because you do not believe it that you are unhappy and frustrated along the way. Repent! Believe! Repent and believe the good news. Repent and believe and do what you did at first. Remember. No matter how frustrating or uncomfortable, this is the way forward.Everything I’ve ever promised you is what we are working on, I promise.”

Those words of encouragement were just what I needed. He always knows just what I need! Maybe that picture of an elevator speaks to you, too, in your current season–or about a season in your past.

Or maybe you would like to ask Him for yourself, “Lord Jesus, what picture would You like to give me of the season You have me in right now?” Grab a pen and paper (or computer), get quiet, and fix the eyes of your heart on Jesus. He loves you enough to die for you, and so I know He just can’t wait to share His heart and perspective with you now.

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