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Your Time is Like a Garden Hose

The Lord gave me this precious, anxiety-relieving picture in another journal entry I wrote during our Spirit Life Circle listening prayer small group:

“My darling, My darling, do not be afraid. I want to give you a picture of your time. Your time is like water shooting out of the garden hose. It is plentiful. It never stops coming. Whatever you point it at is blessed.

(Image by Victoria Islas from Pixabay)

You have so many good options, like all the beautiful flowers you could water, and you can point the hose at any of them for as long as you want. The longer you point it at any one part of the garden or any one plant, the more water of your attention and time it gets. If you give too much time to one plant, it could eventually get flooded while others stay dry, so you turn the hose around and around, keeping it in balance and pointing it at different things. But there is no rush.

You need to point the hose fully at each flower as you water it and not splatter it around by looking at and worrying about all the other flowers you haven’t gotten to yet. Enjoy fully watering the flower you are on. You will not run out of water. You will not run out of time. If you find a thirsty flower you did not even know was there, do not feel angry or afraid that it needs your water. Rejoice that you can water it as well.

My gift of time is endlessly, ceaselessly streaming towards you from heaven, from my eternal time-rich throne, just like the water keeps coming full force out of the garden hose. There is no deadline. The only deadline has been erased. The only thing that will end My gift of time is your death, and Jesus erased that line off the calendar. After you die, I will keep giving you ‘time’ in the form of eternal life and freedom and capacity to choose and live and love forever! So there is NO LACK of time. All fear of the lack of time was erased at the cross! Rejoice in the freedom of the gospel.

There is also no ‘right’ answer or ‘wrong’ answer. You can water the flowers in any order, in so many infinite combinations of how you spend your time. You don’t have to be afraid that you are doing it ‘wrong.’ I delight in your choices. The flowers you have planted in your garden are good, and any time you choose to water any of them, it is good. Your primary responsibilities are like a row of beautiful vegetables you are growing. They will become a bountiful harvest and feed you and many with delicious and healthy vitamins I promise, so keep watering them with joy and do not be afraid.”

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  1. Brilliant! Exactly what I needed to hear today.

  2. m m

    I love these Parables – thank you for sharing, So often, GOD speaks directly to me- as I read them

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