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Day 23: On Marriage and Servanthood

Lord Jesus, what do You want to say to me about the way You love Yourself and the way You want me to love myself?

My darling, you said to Me today, “I don’t think I will be a good wife, because I hate cooking and cleaning and laundry and I won’t like doing twice as much of them. I wouldn’t be a good servant.”

And in response to this I say, My darling,

A wife is not necessarily a servant.

Jesus is a servant.

I love that man you are going to marry. I love him so much I was crucified for him, and I will reward in heaven anyone who does anything for that man I love, even who just gives him a cup of cold water in My name.

And if you could see the reward that will be yours for doing so much as giving your husband a cup of cold water, and how wonderful that reward is, and how much opportunity you have as his wife to give him so much more and do so much more for him than just one cup of cold water and so get so much greater rewards, you would fight for the right and ability to do his laundry and his dishes, and you would fight off anyone who dared to try to help with them and take that reward from you!

Besides, there is so much opportunity for social advancement in My kingdom in being a wife. That is because being a servant is the highest social strata in My kingdom (which is by your standards upside-down), and the more you can become a servant like Me, the higher you will rise when I flip the world.

Jesus of course will always be the highest, because He will always have gone the lowest and been the greatest Servant, the most servant-like servant of all. You’ll never do so much for your husband as I did, you’ll never get to be crucified for his sins. And so you’ll never get to advance socially in heaven to such a position of honor and prestige and authority and reward and fame and glory as I did, will, and have.

But you can get closer and higher by serving your husband more, because while a wife is not inherently a servant, and it is completely possible to be a wife and never be a servant (and so miss all the opportunities for career advancement in the kingdom), being a wife provides so many opportunities where you could be a servant. And if you take them, if you seize the opportunities for career advancement and social advancement in the age to come that being a wife with the option to seize servant-opportunities provides, you’ll be so glad later.

If you want to have a really fulfilling career in the age to come, take every opportunity now to do dishes and laundry and cooking and cleaning for another human being that Jesus died for as you possibly can. It’s a privilege to touch the sock worn by a man Jesus was crucified to save. That’s how loved that man is, and that’s where all his worth comes from, and that’s where I want all your commitment to him to spring from. Believe Me, I’ll reward you.

And the less that man rewards you himself, the more I will! Always do more than you’re thanked for, to be sure you get the reward. For he is My child, and so I will see Myself as in your debt if you love him well for Me, and I will be sure you are noticed and appreciated in the age to come.

This is an invitation, not a prescription. Service only counts as love if you choose to do it freely, not if you feel forced or compelled. But I promise you this: if you forget what I said to you here, you’ll regret it someday when I am dishing out the rewards for everyone who ever did anything kind and loving for your husband! And if you take Me up on this, I promise I’ll make it worth your while!

So wash socks, and cook when you’re tired, and know that I never forget.

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