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The Army of Servants That Want to Spoil Me Rotten

Lord Jesus, what do You want to tell me about Your army of angels that is surrounding me right now?” is the journaling question I asked this week in the Spirit Life Circle listening prayer small group that I am facilitating, and this is the answer I sensed and wrote down:

Shhhhhh, don’t be afraid. You are believing the lie that My army of angels that is surrounding you right now is pretty useless because they didn’t stop you getting a mysterious bug bite last and having a disrupted night’s sleep and they haven’t delivered your friend. I know.

But that is not what they are for. I told you that “many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord God delivers him out of them all” (Psalm 34:19) and “in this world you will have trouble, but do not fear, I have overcome the world” (John 16:33) and that when the humans arrive in heaven who came out of the “great suffering’”on earth, the angels fall down on their faces and worship Me (Rev 7:9-14), and that means you, too, for all humans on earth are experiencing the great suffering that is part of life in this cursed world that is not yet redeemed, OK?

So the role of the angel army that surrounds you is not to keep you from all suffering and pain and fear and loss and trouble but, rather, to get you to heaven victorious through it all, still believing in Me, an “overcomer,” ready to be greatly rewarded (Revelation 2-3), more than a conqueror through Me that loves you even if you die like a sacrificial lamb (Romans 8:36-37).

So I don’t want you to have unrealistic expectations of them and then be disappointed. Their role is not to keep you from ever being in a situation that makes you cry, for how then would I wipe away all your tears when you arrive here? (Revelation 7:15-17 &21:1-4). No, their assignment is to fight for you to make it when you have to fight your own battles and grow stronger. And they know exactly what they are and are not allowed to do for you (of course they would do everything for you if they could!) and supposed to do for you.

For you are like a King’s daughter, a baby princess, and the King has tens of thousands of servants who ADORE the princess and they would wait on her hand and foot and give her everything she ever wanted and not let the sole of her foot ever need to touch the ground, carrying her wherever she wanted to go so she never even learned to walk, responding to her slightest squeak for help so she never needed to learn to talk, feeding her every sweet in the palace that she ever wanted so she weighed 300 pounds and never had to eat her vegetables and died of scurvy if I didn’t make them let you learn things!

They don’t LIKE to let you learn things. They don’t rejoice when I say, “No, don’t help her, she needs to figure this part out herself,” but they obey. Because I don’t want you to be a non-verbal 300-pound invalid when you are ready to take your place beside Me on the throne or dance at the royal wedding of your brother Jesus; that wouldn’t be loving of Me.

And that is why I AM constantly reining in the servants! Otherwise you would be so blessed and healthy and wealthy and wise that you would learn absolutely nothing during your time on earth and I wouldn’t be able to trust you with “ten cities” (Luke 19:17) or even ten ant hills in the coming ages! And I WANT to trust you in the coming ages to even command the servants and rule the kingdom, like I do! (1 Cor 6:3; Rev 5:10). OK?

But know this, I have never had to motivate the angel army to help you! All My commands are telling them what they aren’t allowed to do, like take Jesus off the cross or solve all your problems for you before you learn and grow. They adore you. They love you SO much. Every time I let them do anything for you, they get so excited.

They have killed and driven away so many demonic monsters from you with their swords that you never even knew about, and when I say, “Leave that one, she needs to practice killing it herself,” they all gather around you cheering and rooting and stamping their warrior feet and chanting, “PRINCESS! PRINCESS! PRINCESS!” And when you finally figure it out and kill the beast, they hoist you onto their shoulders and carry you around celebrating.

You are never alone, and you would never have any problems at all if I didn’t make them let you! You are ridiculously loved by more angels than a human could ever count, and not one is offended that you don’t know their names, but they know yours, and they love you.

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