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The Forbidden Face: A Christmas Meditation

Moses asked God, “Show me Your glory!”

God said He would

Hide Moses

Pass by Moses

Cover Moses

And show Moses

His “back,”


“But you cannot see My Face,

Because no one can see My Face and live.”

Moses saw God

John said that The Word became flesh

And came down here and lived among us,

The Only One who came from the Father,

Full of grace and truth,

“And we have seen His glory.”

In other words, That God

Who has That Glorious Face

That none can see and live

Found a way to show His Face

And not kill anyone.

He found a way

For “the fullness of the Godhead

To dwell in bodily form”

And oh, what a body

Was meant by that “bodily”:

A baby body,

A newborn human body,

A baby face.

Baby Jesus in the Manger Original Painting on Canvas | Etsy

And not just the one lucky Moses

But all those who gazed at that baby-in-a-manger Face

Saw the glory

That would have killed you until now.

And then that Body grew

And that Face matured

Until the day came when that Face was mutilated

Beyond all recognition.

And He had never looked more glorious

Jesus is Coming Back (in The Passion of the Christ Sequel in 2022)

The Face of God

that none could see and live


That all might live and see 

The Face of God.

One day

The knowledge of the glory

That Moses wasn’t allowed to see,

The glory of the I AM,

Will cover the world

Ocean deep

“As the waters cover the sea”

He promises,

Drowning every false religion,

Man-made system,

And lie we have believed about glory,

Because a person at the bottom of the ocean

Can’t help but get wet,

And a person standing under

That tsunami of a promise-kept

Can’t help but understand


The Face of God

that none could see and live


That all might live and see 

The Face of God.

In the meantime,

Come and get a glimpse.

Gaze by faith down into the manger

Where Love bent low

Gaze by grace up at the cross

Where Love was nailed up high.

Come and get the Christmas Present

That Moses was denied:

Look and live.


The Face of God

That YOU could not see and live


That YOU may live and see 

The Face of God.

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