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When Jesus Calls Me Woman

When Jesus calls me woman,

Then all’s right with the world.


I look into His eyes and see that He remembers

A day I never saw, when He fashioned her

And brought her to the man to see

What he would name her – though of course He knew already

It would be “Woman” –

A day before anything less than perfect love had entered

The world, which knew neither shame nor brokenness.

When Jesus calls me woman,

Then all’s right with the world.


I know when He created her,

She was all He meant for her to be.

And He has come to call me back to that, to say,

“It’s possible, and you are precious.

I have put beauty inside of you that no one but I will ever be

Permitted to see.”

When Jesus calls me woman,

Then all’s right with the world.


And He says, “I know that you are thirsty,

That you come here every day and yet tomorrow

You’ll be thirsty again,” and “I know that you are broken,

And broken, and broken, for man ceased to love you as I love you

So many years ago. But I have come back,

To call you woman

And make all right with the world.


I am searching now within His eyes for the memories

Of the day when He finished, completed

All of His creation as her eyelids fluttered open,

Of His joy anticipating His son’s face when he saw her,

Taken out of him and given back to him,

Correcting the first “not good” of the creation,

And of his relieved “At last!”

When he called her woman

And all was right with the world.


“Have you come to take me back then? I am sorry

For my part in sin against Your glory.”

“No, not back, but forward. We can only move forward.

But My name is Adam Again, and I have come so that you

Can be born again, and live again, and walk with God again

And I will take man and create him again

And I will call you woman again

And make a new world.”

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