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Journaling Spirit Songs: The Ladder for Moving Day

For the past seven months, I have been delighting in a new pursuit in my times with the Lord. I sing “in the Spirit” (in tongues, in my prayer language, in a heavenly language, or whatever you like to call it!) over the person or community I want to pray for, and I simultaneously journal by typing on my computer the spontaneous thoughts that come to my mind about what I am singing and praying for. The result is consistently something like beautiful, spontaneous poetry that I never could have come up with at that speed on my own! I have been SO blessed by this. Here is a sample from this morning that I wanted to share with you:

Holy is the Lord!

Holy is His name!

Holy are the angels that He sends

Floating up and down the ladder that is Jesus!

If you receive Jesus in your heart, your life,

Your household, your neighborhood and town,

The ladder will touch down from heaven

And put its bottom rung both within you

And by your pillow while you sleep,

And the holy angels carrying blessing

Will float up and down from heaven to earth

With you. Jesus is the way to heaven,

And Jesus is the way for heaven

To come to earth,

Even to come to earth in you and your community

–Which has always been the Father’s plan,

Not that men shall live in a disembodied “paradise”

But that Father shall live with men,

That the angels shall announce at last,

“Now the dwelling place of God is with man

And He shall wipe every tear from every eye!”

If you want to receive that comfort that wipes away

Every tear at the source of its cause,

Then welcome Jesus, the angel ladder,

To plant His bottom rungs in you!

Heaven is moving to earth

One packed moving box of blessing at a time!

And the angels are packing up the things of the Father’s house

And bringing them to earth ahead of the Final Moving Day:

All the extra joy and peace and love and faithfulness

And truth and blessing and righteousness

That He delights to send on ahead!

So offer to help with the moving day of God

By letting Him store His extra joy and peace at your house!

Be a landing place for the ladder!

And the moving angels will come

Bring heaven’s stores to earth in you.

Receive His blessing where you live to be a portal

Of that heaven to earth moving day

That has already begun

And will finish with lightning from sky to sky

And the final cleansing of earth

In the Lamb’s Last Battle so earth is cleared and ready

For the city to Touch Down, and gently land and settle,

That holy city floating down from the sky like a billowing bridal veil!

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Oh the beauty of that sight! If you cleanse and prepare your hearts now

By repenting of your sins and turning to Jesus and receiving His Spirit

To cleanse and prepare you from the inside out,

You will live to see that sight!

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