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Journaling Spirit Songs: “The Rose Who Rose!”

Here is another example of my journaling an interpretation while singing in the Spirit as intercession over specific communities. I love how this one unexpectedly made a pun!

“Lo how a rose ere blooming

From tender stalk has sprung!”

Sings the Christmas carol about Jesus.

There are no roses in your garden

Or anywhere else on the earth

That bloom forever, without dropping their petals

And falling to earth and dying,

Just like humans do. Humans and roses,

Called by any name, die. They both return

To the dust from which they grew.

There is only one human, so beautiful and precious

That they called Him a human “rose,”

Who rose. He rose again! That rose rose again

And blooms forever! He lives forever!

He is living and blooming now! Can you smell His fragrance?

It is the sweetest scent both earth and heaven

Have ever produced! That crushed rose Who rose!

How tender is His love for you. How sweetly

He blooms to win your heart with His love.

That rose, like all roses, blooms to romance

And win the heart of His bride. But because He blooms forever,

So will His eternal love. All earth’s love-gifts of roses fade,

And we hope the love that gave them will last longer,

But the love of this Rose endures forever!

Oh receive this flower, bride of Christ, hearts of men

And women and children on the earth, which is offered to you,

To smell its sweetness, see its beauty, and receive it

As a token of the love that offers itself to you forever.

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  1. I love what you wrote today. It just confirmed a message I sent out to my email list of a time lapsed rose blooming, signifying our gradual yielding and then fully laid down lives before the Lord Jesus.

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